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Modern Rune Spread E-Reading

This paid service is for a modern rune e-reading involving a 3 rune spread (Past/Present/Future) and a collective message of all three runes combined.

 A modern rune reading is a direct approach which involves "spreads" compared to a traditional rune casting method, which involves casting the runes onto a cloth for results and more time involved in deciphering the message for the client.

 This rune method will help answer the client's question with a focus on what lead them to their current situation and an analysis on what can be done on the client's part to remedy or push the situation to a desired result on their path.

 This paid service includes a PDF file, e-mailed to the client (2-3 business days), which will show the result and images of the reading. The client must include their question and e-mail contact information during the purchasing process in order to prroceed with check-out.


Disclaimer: I am a member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) and honour the standards that I must follow such as keeping customer information and session information private, not answering any questions pertaining to Legal/Health/Medical or 3rd Party Individuals.


***An online payment in full via the Paypal service must be paid in advance before the session begins. If you are not comfortable with using the Paypal service, contact me at, and we can make other arrangements (e-transfer payments) instead.***

Modern Rune Spread E-Reading

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