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Fehu Talisman Necklace (w/15mm Jump Ring)

Fehu is the first rune in the Elder Futhark system that has a phonetic value of the letter “F”, but it also symbolizes the horns of bovine livestock (cattle) which during proto-Germanic times was used as mobile wealth for bartering and trade with farmers. As a talisman, you can carry or wear the Fehu rune for money, power, wealth, social success and new beginnings!


Each hand-crafted wooden talisman necklace is hand-carved and wood-burned by myself to give each one its unique look. Not one talisman is alike or mass-produced with a branding iron like what you will see sold on Etsy or Amazon. The wood used to make these necklaces comes from dead branches found in a local forest (Ontario). Linseed oil is applied to each finished piece as a sealant and protectant.


 For the esoteric side of the talisman runes, I load each talisman with rune Galdr (Incantation) while I carve each rune stave.


Each talisman is attached to a 15mm dia. jump ring and hangs from a 2mm thick leather string arranged in a "slide-knot" style (see attached profile pic) to aid the user in adjusting their preferred length.



Diameter: 1-1/2" approx.

Thickness: 1/4"

Individual Weight: 0.28 oz average


*This product will ship only to Canada, The USA and the U.K.!*

Fehu Talisman Necklace (w/15mm Jump Ring)

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