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Berkana Talisman Necklace (w/12mm Split Ring)

Berkana (Birch-Goddess) is the 18th letter in the Elder Futhark system and represents the phonetic value of the letter "B". This rune stave symbolizes the breasts of the Earth Mother or a pregnant mother (breasts and belly). Berkana represents protection, nurturing, healing and new beginnings/ideas. This is a positive rune of female and receptive energy and the power to influence growth. Berkana's strength lies in welcoming, understanding and nurturing. As a talisman, Berkana is a rune that can highly stimulate creative abilities in the sense of energy that creates and transforms. Berkana can be used as matriarchal nurturing protection for the mother and her loved ones.


Each hand-crafted wooden talisman necklace is hand-carved and wood-burned by myself to give each one its unique look. Not one talisman is alike or mass-produced with a branding iron like what you will see sold on Etsy or Amazon. The wood used to make these necklaces comes from dead branches found in a local forest (Ontario). Linseed oil is applied to each finished piece as a sealant and protectant.


 For the esoteric side of the talisman runes, I load each talisman with rune Galdr (Incantation) while I carve each rune stave.


Each talisman is attached to a 12mm dia. split ring and hangs from a 2mm thick leather string arranged in a "slide-knot" style (see attached profile pic) to aid the user in adjusting their preferred length.



Diameter: 1-1/8" approx.

Thickness: 1/4"

Individual Weight: 0.14 oz average


*This product will ship only to Canada, The USA and the U.K.!*

Berkana Talisman Necklace (w/12mm Split Ring)

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