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Rebel Star Tarot Ivan Head Shot.JPG

Ivan Westley
Certified Master Tarot Practitioner
Certified Rune Divination Practitioner
Workshop Instructor

Ivan is a certified Master Tarot and Rune Divination Practitioner, and the founder of Rebel Star Divination, based out of Toronto, Ontario (Canada). He enjoys meeting and helping others with his tarot card and rune readings at public events and through private online sessions. Ivan will always forever be a student of Tarot and Runes and will keep expanding on what he can offer to his clients through further studies.

Ivan wants to offer his clients the same clarity, focus, and direction, that he himself has discovered in the beginning through the power of tarot. Ivan wants to show that there is more than one path to the seeker’s outcome, and that it is not fate set in stone. The seeker has the choice to meet or avoid the outcome of the situation.

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